Do you want a real or moderated news perspective?
Back in 2015 I started a collection with google plus called News of the Times, along with other collections of interest to me.
After noting the level of interest among the various collections, it occured to me that News of the Times was achieving more followers than the others.
Consequently I thought maybe people would like more ways to find the news, so here you are.
For the people in the news.
The news isn't the filtered version of reality, its what happens all of the time in real people's lives.

So I've added links to topics that might be news for you.
Did you come here to be bombarded by advertising and to have product and services to be suggested?
Not on this page at least.
Recent News
The Reason for this website.
When people want news, I think it should come from the perspective of the readers need, not with an agenda to serve a purpose to propagate the readers mind with guiding motivations and political agenda's.
At this time products or services advertising can only occur after leaving this page.
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