Rolly Vision

VJ Rolly    -    The ReAnimator

Visual projections and images to stimulate the eyes and mind, for Dance Parties, Festivals, Raves, Clubs, and Doofs.

With years of experience in both indoor and outdoor events, covering large and small warehouses, clubs, pubs, function centres, fields and forests, I try to work with the promoters, so as to get them to use their ideas on what and how they want projected with their party.

Basically I source out visuals from many sources, whether it be stuff I make up, or with others, computer generated, stock footage, down to live camera feeds.  I construct my own screens, so as they fit into the "theme" of the party.  I have all my own gear, but if something special is needed, it can be obtained.  Hire of projectors also available.

Why "live" visuals?  Because every party is different and unexpected majikal things can happen for which you can't plan for.  Its exciting creating or using existing footage, then blending it all together to "re-animate" it into something else, thus becoming live with all the other madness going on.

For more information contact:

Phone: 0414 407 049